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A brief review on supercapacitor energy storage de...

Author: Saikia B.K.;Benoy S.M.;Bora M.;Tamuly J.;Pandey M.;Bhattacharya D.

A meta-analysis on the effects of haphazard motion...

Author: Animasaun I.L.;Ibraheem R.O.;Mahanthesh B.;Babatunde H.A.

Marangoni convective MHD flow of SWCNT and MWCNT n...

Author: Mahanthesh B.;Gireesha B.J.;Shashikumar N.S.;Shehzad S.A.

Hall effects on dusty nanofluid two-phase transien...

Author: Gireesha B.J.;Mahanthesh B.;Thammanna G.T.;Sampathkumar P.B.

Heat transport of magnetized Newtonian nanoliquids...

Author: Mebarek-Oudina F.;Aissa A.;Mahanthesh B.;Öztop H.F.

Distributed Feedback Laser (DFB) for Signal Power ...

Author: Samanta D.;Sivaram M.;Rashed A.N.Z.;Boopathi C.S.;Amiri I.S.;Yupapin P.