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Dr Manjunath BT

Professor My expertise and research lies in conservation of ... View Profile

Dr Ganesh Shama

Professor Ph.D in Ornithology at Bharathiar University, Coim... View Profile

Dr Jobi Xavier

Associate Professor Plant sciences with special reference to taxonomy ... View Profile

Dr Suma Sarojini

Associate Professor Interested in microbial genomics and phytochemical... View Profile

Dr Alok Malaviya

Associate Professor Dr. Alok Malaviya is currently working as Associat... View Profile

Dr Sachil Kumar

Associate Professor Research interests lie in the field of forensic ch... View Profile

Dr Krishnakumar Velayudhannair

Assistant Professor Finfish and shellfish Aquaculture, Live Feed cultu... View Profile

Dr Praveen Nagella

Assistant Professor Specialized area is Plant Biotechnology, involved ... View Profile

Dr Anish Nag

Assistant Professor 7 years of experience industrial and academic rese... View Profile

Dr Mridul Umesh

Assistant Professor My area of specialization is Microbial Biotechnolo... View Profile

Dr Joseph K S

Assistant Professor Plant tissue culture, Molecular marker development... View Profile

Dr Manikantan P

Assistant Professor Human Genetics, Molecular Genetics, Pharmacogenomi... View Profile

Dr D Sayantan

Assistant Professor 1. Environmental Biotechnology: Heavy metal contam... View Profile

Dr Biljo V. Joseph

Assistant Professor Molecular Microbiology... View Profile

Prof vasantha VL

Assistant Professor Interested in bioremediation of xenobiotic, applic... View Profile

Dr Majesh Tomson

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Arun K B

Assistant Professor Expertise in extracting and analysing the therapeu... View Profile