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Prof Guydeuk Yeon

Professor Creator of U-GATEWAY.ORG (Integrated International... View Profile

Dr Radhika Lobo

Professor Dr Radhika Lobo is Professor of Economics and Head... View Profile

Dr Divya Pradeep

Associate Professor Economics... View Profile

Dr Joshy K J

Associate Professor Macroeconomics, Development Economics, Operations ... View Profile

Dr Greeshma Manoj

Assistant Professor International trade, Industrial Economics and Publ... View Profile

Dr Rajeshwari Ur

Assistant Professor I am working as Assistant Professor in the Departm... View Profile

Dr Mahesh E

Assistant Professor Economics of Education and Health, Financial Econo... View Profile

Dr Vineeth Mohandas

Assistant Professor A committed, knowledgeable and capable researcher ... View Profile

Dr Malini Nair

Assistant Professor Climate Change vulnerability and adaptation, Econo... View Profile

Dr Roopa Patavardhan

Assistant Professor I am passionate teacher interested in exploring in... View Profile

Dr Aneesh M R

Assistant Professor Labour Economics ... View Profile

Dr Varadurga Bhat

Assistant Professor International Trade, Energy Economics, Environment... View Profile

Dr Laxmi Rajkumari

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Rajib Sutradhar

Assistant Professor Agricultural Economics, Labour Economics, Value Ch... View Profile

Dr Renjith P S

Assistant Professor Applied Economics, Public Finance, Economics of Fi... View Profile

Dr Namrata Singha Roy

Assistant Professor Labor Economics, Gender, Agricultural Economics, E... View Profile

Dr Justin Joy

Assistant Professor Panel Data Analysis, Public Debt, R... View Profile

Dr Rittu Varkey

Assistant Professor Macroeconomics, Growth and Development... View Profile

Dr Renbeni Kikon

Assistant Professor Rural Economics, Environmental economics, Economic... View Profile

Dr Vijay Victor

Assistant Professor Behavioural Economics, Macro Economics, Micro Econ... View Profile

Mr Arun Kumar Bairwa

Assistant Professor I am specialised in macroeconomics, labour economi... View Profile


Assistant Professor Public economics; Macroeconomics of public deficit... View Profile

Dr Sanjaya Kumar Lenka

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) Macroeconomics, Development Finance, Public Econom... View Profile

Dr Subramanian S

Assistant Professor (Grade-I) Dr S. Subramanian is currently working as Assistan... View Profile