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Prof Gurumurthy Hegde

Professor I am working as the Director for Centre for Advanc... View Profile

Prof Thomas K J

Professor ... View Profile

Dr Louis George

Professor Optical sensing, Analytical methods... View Profile

Dr Anitha Varghese

Professor Electrochemical synthesis and characterization of ... View Profile

Dr Sunaja Devi K R

Professor Material chemistry, heterogeneous catalysis, photo... View Profile

Dr Dephan Pinheiro

Professor Teaching Physical Chemistry and researching materi... View Profile

Dr Riya Datta

Professor Coordination Chemistry and nanotechnology... View Profile

Dr Yamuna Nair

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Dr Bincy Cyriac

Associate Professor Three decades of expertise in the analysis of nucl... View Profile

Dr Prasad Pujar

Associate Professor Synthetic Chemistry, Natural Products Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Vinod T P

Associate Professor Nanomaterials, Nanotechnology, Surface Chemistry, ... View Profile

Ms Hepziba Jessima

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Dr Sreeja P Balakrishnan

Associate Professor Coordination chemistry, material sciences, electro... View Profile

Dr Abhijeet Chaudhari

Assistant Professor My area of research is Porous materials including ... View Profile

Amrita Das

Assistant Professor Synthetic organic chemistry, homogeneous and heter... View Profile

Dr Avijit Kumar Das

Assistant Professor Chemosensors development for selective detection o... View Profile

Dr Supriya Rej

Assistant Professor Research Experiences: Organometallics and catalysi... View Profile

Dr Ajesh Vijayan

Assistant Professor Desymmetrisation of diazabicyclic olefins derived ... View Profile

Dr Pramod Km

Assistant Professor Materials Chemistry, Solar Thermal Energy storage ... View Profile

Dr Aatika Nizam

Assistant Professor Synthesis of biologically important heterocyclic c... View Profile

Dr Nidhin M

Assistant Professor Nanotechnology, Material Chemistry, Bionanotechnol... View Profile

Dr sangeeta Sadwal

Assistant Professor ORGANOMETALLICS COMPLEXES... View Profile