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Mr Padmakumar Mm

Professor Member of the Humanities and Social Sciences acade... View Profile

Dr Biju K Chacko

Associate Professor Specialised in Visual Media, Educational technolog... View Profile

Dr Shantharaju S

Assistant Professor Dr. Shantharaju S is a photographer and an indepen... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Aruchamy

Assistant Professor Areas of interest include Political communication,... View Profile

Dr Pathlavath Anil Kumar

Assistant Professor "Anil Kumar was an alumnus of the Department of Co... View Profile

Dr Parashurama Kamath

Assistant Professor Dr. Parashurama Kamath has twelve years of academi... View Profile

Dr Meljo Thomas Karakunnel

Assistant Professor Meljo Thomas, holds PhD in Journalism from the Un... View Profile

Dr Kailash Koushik

Assistant Professor Political economy of media; Critical political eco... View Profile

Mr Deepak B J

Assistant Professor My career experience and accomplishments have deve... View Profile

Dr Geeta Kashyap

Assistant Professor Data Journalism, Social Media, New Media, Digital ... View Profile

Mr Ajay Kumar

Assistant Professor and Head Media Production, Cultural Economy, Political Econ... View Profile