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Mrs Deepthi Das

Associate Professor Research work is building a model using neural net... View Profile

Dr Peter Augustine

Associate Professor cloud computing, big data and map reduce, medical ... View Profile


Associate Professor ... View Profile

Dr Saleema J S

Associate Professor Data Mining and Machine Learning... View Profile

Dr Ashok Immanuel V

Associate Professor Software architecture, PhD topic Context Awareness... View Profile

Dr Deepa V Jose

Associate Professor Dr Deepa V Jose has 13 years of teaching experienc... View Profile

Prof V Vaidhehi

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Dr Chandra J

Associate Professor Research Interest: Machine Learning, Artificial In... View Profile

Dr Tulasi B

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Dr Smitha Vinod

Associate Professor Presently working as Associate Professor in CHRIST... View Profile

Dr Rohini V

Associate Professor GENETIC ALGORITHM Machine Learning Data Base Manag... View Profile

Dr Rupali Sunil Wagh

Associate Professor Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing... View Profile

Dr Shoney Sebasttian

Associate Professor Cloud computing, distributed computing... View Profile

Dr K Saravanakumar

Associate Professor Exploring more knowledge in the field of Algorithm... View Profile

Dr Beaulah Soundarabai P

Associate Professor Distributed Systems, Data Structures. Internet of ... View Profile

Dr Kirubanand V B

Associate Professor Computer Science... View Profile

Dr Ramamurthy B

Associate Professor Having MSc.,MPhil.,PhD Computer Science Qualifica... View Profile

Dr Senthilnathan T

Associate Professor Evolutionary Algorithms, Data Analytics... View Profile

Dr Sivakumar R

Associate Professor Network Security, Internet of Things, Data Analyti... View Profile

Dr Arokia Paul Rajan

Associate Professor Cloud computing... View Profile

Dr Rajesh R

Associate Professor Presently working as Associate Professor in CHRIST... View Profile

Mrs Anita H B

Associate Professor Working as an Associate Professor in the Departmen... View Profile

Dr Jayanta Biswas

Associate Professor His current research interests include digital con... View Profile

Dr Ramesh Chandra Poonia

Associate Professor Cyber-Physical Systems: Vehicular Ad-hoc Networks... View Profile

Dr Vinay M

Assistant Professor Education Technology, ICT, Multimedia, Android, Cl... View Profile

Dr Vijayalakshmi A

Assistant Professor Interested in Pattern Recognition, Machine learnin... View Profile

Prof R Roseline Mary

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Mrs Monisha Singh

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Monisha Singh

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr R Kavitha

Assistant Professor Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Wireless Sensor ... View Profile

Dr J Sandeep

Assistant Professor Computer Networks Ad Hoc Networks, Wireless Senso... View Profile

Dr Prabu P

Assistant Professor Dr. Prabu is currently working as an Assistant Pro... View Profile

Dr Nizar Banu P K

Assistant Professor Data Mining, Soft Computing, Intelligent Systems, ... View Profile

Dr Gobi R

Assistant Professor Mobile Computing Research... View Profile

Dr Sagaya Aurelia

Assistant Professor HCI, VR, AR, CMS... View Profile

Dr Niju P Joseph

Assistant Professor Research done in AI for 10 yrs... View Profile

Dr Arish P

Assistant Professor Pursued my research in Quantum Algorithms during P... View Profile

Dr Debabrata Samanta

Assistant Professor Computer Vision, Vehicular Ad hoc Network (VANET),... View Profile

Dr Prabu M

Assistant Professor Dr. Prabu M is an Assistant Professor in the Depar... View Profile

Dr Nismon Rio Robert

Assistant Professor Mobile Ad-hoc Networks(MANET), Vehicular Ad-hoc Ne... View Profile

Dr Sreeja C S

Assistant Professor Interested in information security and biocomputin... View Profile

Dr Arul Kumar N

Assistant Professor Computer Science Information Systems... View Profile

Mr Justin P Varghese

Assistant Professor Process Models,Requirement Engineering, Software D... View Profile

Dr Varuna Gupta

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Mr Thomas K T

Assistant Professor Expertise in Software Development, Database manage... View Profile


Assistant Professor (Grade-III) More than 18 years of solid experience in Teaching... View Profile

Dr Manjunatha Hiremath


Dr Umme Salma M

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) My area of interests are Artificial intelligence,... View Profile