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Prof Budha Anuradha

Professor ... View Profile

Dr Kavitha Desai

Professor ... View Profile

Biju Toms

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Dr Chidambaram N

Associate Professor Finance Specialization ... View Profile

Dr Sivarethinamohan R

Associate Professor Management... View Profile


Associate Professor Financial Accounting For Managers, Financial Manag... View Profile

Ms Aarti Mehta Sharma

Associate Professor Statistics, Analytics... View Profile

Dr Seranmadevi R

Associate Professor Specialized in Marketing, Finance, and Business An... View Profile

Dr Sameena Tarannum

Assistant Professor Fluid Mechanics and Mathematical Modelling... View Profile

Ms Pritha Biswas

Assistant Professor Experienced research scholar, educationist and a p... View Profile

Ms Divya R Krishnan

Assistant Professor I am a young academician and research scholar work... View Profile

Dr Nilofer Hussaini

Assistant Professor Higher Education, international business, economet... View Profile

Dr Padmini Sasikumar

Assistant Professor •Currently working as an Assistant Professor of ... View Profile

Dr Chandan -

Assistant Professor M.Com. (Specialised in Finance), UGC-NET and Docto... View Profile

Dr Priya J

Assistant Professor I specialize in ELT, Second Language Acquisition a... View Profile


Assistant Professor Have interest in Teaching Marketing, Consumer Beha... View Profile

Dr Elizabeth Renju Koshy

Assistant Professor Area of interest is Human Resource Management, Or... View Profile

Dr Senthil Kumar A

Assistant Professor Senthil Kumar A. is an Assistant Professor in Prof... View Profile

Dr Martha Sucharitha

Assistant Professor Specialized in Finance... View Profile

Dr Umasankar M

Assistant Professor Business Management, Data Analytics and Business A... View Profile

Dr Sabari Shankar R

Assistant Professor Specialized in teaching Marketing Management and i... View Profile

Vikram Khangembam Professional Studies

Assistant Professor I am a Doctorate (PhD) from Griffith University, A... View Profile

Mrs Shilpa Shetty

Assistant Professor I have over 10 years of academic teaching and admi... View Profile

Dr Karthick Chitrarasu

Assistant Professor Assistant Professor of Marketing and Human Resourc... View Profile

Dr Shiju Sebastian

Associate Professor and Director HR management and Organizational Behavior, Corpora... View Profile

Mrs soumya v

Assistant Professor - Senior Scale Skilled in Tax planning, Corporate Finance, Securi... View Profile

Dr Macherla Bhagyalakshmi Dayananda

Assistant Professor (Grade-II) In the area of statistical data analysis... View Profile

Dr Rejoice Thomas

Academic Coordinator Management... View Profile