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Dr Pal Pandian P

Professor Robotics Engineering, High Speed Machining / Hard ... View Profile

Dr Gurumoorthy S Hebbar

Professor Research Interest in the area of IC Engines, Combu... View Profile

Dr Reghu Ramawarrier

Professor Expertise is in Thermal Barrier Coating (TBC) usin... View Profile

Dr Shankar Venkataraman

Professor ... View Profile

Prof James Sathya Kumar

Associate Professor Over Three decades of professional experience in ... View Profile


Associate Professor ... View Profile

Prof Ram Kumar N

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Sasidhar Jangam

Assistant Professor Experrize in vibration characterization, Ground Vi... View Profile

Prof Thejaraju R

Assistant Professor Thejaraju R, born in Bangalore, INDIA in 1987, obt... View Profile

Mr Kiran K

Assistant Professor Energy and Fuels... View Profile

Mr Niranjana S J

Assistant Professor Working as an Assistant Professor in the Departmen... View Profile

Mr Ravikumar R

Assistant Professor My interested area is Alternative Fuels, IC Engine... View Profile

Mr Ivan Sunit Rout

Assistant Professor Dedicated and committed to actualize my potential ... View Profile

Mr Harish Kumar M

Assistant Professor Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from P.V.P Polyt... View Profile

Dr Anil Raj

Assistant Professor hard machining, minimal cutting fluid application,... View Profile

Mr Umesh V

Assistant Professor Ansys, CATIA, KUKA SImpro, Python... View Profile

Dr G S Pradeep Kumar

Assistant Professor Metal matrix composites, HVOF coatings... View Profile

Dr Shijo Thomas

Assistant Professor sintering technology. metal matrix nanocomposites.... View Profile

Mr Pritesh Hadiya

Assistant Professor Over years of experience I have obtained experties... View Profile

Prof Ravichandran G

Assistant Professor My area of interst is processing and characterizat... View Profile

Mrs Sajna Parimita Panigrahi

Assistant Professor Computational fluid Dynamics,Strength of material,... View Profile

Mr Praise Tom

Assistant Professor Mr. Praise Tom is an Assistant Professor at CHRIST... View Profile

Dr Ramesha K

Assistant Professor Water Jet Machining, Friction Stir Welding, GFRP C... View Profile

Mr Gowtham Sanjai S

Assistant Professor B. Tech and MBA from Anna University, M. Tech from... View Profile

Dr L.Francis Xavier

Assistant Professor My area of specialization is in tribology and mat... View Profile

Mr Darshan S M

Assistant Professor Composite Materials and Tribological Characterizat... View Profile

Ms swathi bale

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Mr Praise Tom

Assistant Professor * CAD/CAM * FEM * Design * Vibration Control... View Profile

Dr Shivakumar S

Assistant Professor Design and analysis of structural components. Fini... View Profile

Mr Vivek K S

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Shivakumar S

Assistant Professor Machine design stream, expertise in Finite Element... View Profile