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Dr P John Joseph Kennedy

Dean Language, Literature, Postcolonial Studies, Indian... View Profile

Dr Shobana Mathews

Associate Professor Have studied and written about Art , literature an... View Profile

Dr Rashmi Sawhney

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Dr Latha Kadiri

Associate Professor Expertise in teaching communication skills & soft ... View Profile

Mr Joseph Edward Felix

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Dr Saji Varghese

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Dr Kiran Mamgain

Associate Professor Dr Mamgain is supervising many PhD scholars who ar... View Profile

Dr Sushma V. Murthy

Associate Professor Dr. Sushma V. Murthy is Associate Professor at Dep... View Profile

Ms Sreelatha R

Associate Professor Teaching Indian and British Literature, working on... View Profile

Dr Abhaya Gurumurthy

Associate Professor Teaching Indian literatures, postcolonial literatu... View Profile

Dr Anupama Nayar

Associate Professor The areas of interest for research includes canoni... View Profile

Dr Ajitha Krishnaprasad

Assistant Professor An expert in English Language Teaching with more t... View Profile


Assistant Professor Sociolinguistics, Gender Studies, Language Documen... View Profile

Dr Nivea Thomas K

Assistant Professor Legends, Translation Studies, Dalit Studies... View Profile

Dr Vaidyanath Nishant

Assistant Professor Indian Literature, Russian Literature, Literary Th... View Profile


Assistant Professor Cultural Studies, Literary Studies, Cultural Philo... View Profile

Dr Lakshmi Radhakrishnan

Assistant Professor Specialization in Resistance Studies, Interested i... View Profile


Assistant Professor Research Interests: film studies, digital humaniti... View Profile

Dr Hyma Santhosh

Assistant Professor Indigenous Literature, culture, folklore and Mytho... View Profile

Dr Arya KS

Assistant Professor I am a linguist, whose areas of research interest ... View Profile

Dr Neesha Dutt

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Krishna Kanchith R

Assistant Professor ... View Profile


Assistant Professor ... View Profile


Assistant Professor Interested in the politics of postmodernism and co... View Profile

Dr Muskaan .

Assistant Professor I have always been fascinated by the multitude of ... View Profile

Dr Jyothi A

Assistant Professor Ecofeminism, Cultural studies, Gender studies and ... View Profile

Dr Marshal R

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Kekhronguu Dazo

Assistant Professor My current areas of research interest are biopolit... View Profile

Dr Surabhi Jiwrajka Mawandia

Assistant Professor South Asian Folklore, Rajasthan Studies, Folk Narr... View Profile

Dr Hoimawati Talukdar

Assistant Professor I am working as an Assistant Professor in Departme... View Profile

Dr Yadukrishnan P T

Assistant Professor Film Studies, South Asian Studies... View Profile

Dr Divya Kalavala

Assistant Professor ... View Profile


Assistant Professor Nipunika Shahid is a Media Educator and a Broadcas... View Profile

Dr Kishore Selva Babu

Assistant Professor I work in the field of ELT... View Profile

Dr Ashwathi .

Assistant Professor I am interested in cultural studies, life writings... View Profile

Dr Jyotirmayee Mallik

Assistant Professor Forensic Linguistics & Phonetics... View Profile

Ms Nayana George

Assistant Professor Literary Food Studies, Memory Studies, Affect Stud... View Profile


Assistant Professor ... View Profile


Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Preeti Kalra

Assistant Professor Performance studies... View Profile

Ms Deepika Dhawan

Assistant Professor Advertising and Marketing Communication... View Profile

Ms Ayushi Zina

Assistant Professor ... View Profile


Assistant Professor The area of research interest is English Language ... View Profile

Dr David T

Assistant Professor Comparing transcendentalism with Maslow's hierarc... View Profile

Dr Bijoy Philip VG

Assistant Professor Cinema Studies; Experimental Cinema; ... View Profile

Dr Anil Kumar Nayak

Assistant Professor Dr Anil Kumar Nayak is an Assistant Professor of E... View Profile

Dr Jehoson Jiresh J

Assistant Professor Teacher of English Langauge and Literature special... View Profile

Dr Jithin Devassy

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Jyoti Prakash Pujari

Assistant Professor Literary Criticism and Theory including Postcoloni... View Profile

Dr Aditi Dirghangi

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Vidya Sasikumar

Assistant Professor Literary Studies , Cultural Studies, Film Studies ... View Profile

Ms Anu M Varghese

Assistant Professor Assistant Professor and a part-time PhD. scholar, ... View Profile

Surya Kiran | English and Cultural Studies | BGR Campus

Assistant Professor Architecture and Spatiality Studies... View Profile

Dr Deepali Mallya

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Sharon J

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Kankan Das

Assistant Professor I have worked in the area of language education- l... View Profile

Dr Santosh Kumar

Assistant Professor I received my PhD from University of Delhi. My the... View Profile

Mr Biju Itukkapparakkal

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Abilash Chandran

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Ms Christine Ann Thomas

Assistant Professor Assistant Professor at Christ deemed to be univers... View Profile


Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Bidyut Bhusan Jena

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Reshma Jacob

Assistant Professor Phonetics and Phonology, Sociolinguistics, Second ... View Profile

Dr Sreejith D

Assistant Professor I have got M.A and MPhil degree in English Literat... View Profile

Dr Sharmila Narayana

Assistant Professor Literature... View Profile

Dr Gaana J

Assistant Professor I teach courses in Literary Studies and Cultural S... View Profile

Dr Daniel Gnanaraj

Assistant Professor English... View Profile

Dr Mithilesh Kumar

Assistant Professor Political Economy, Borders, Migration, Justice... View Profile

Dr Rolla Das

Assistant Professor Interested in language, culture and policies; anal... View Profile

Dr Benzigar M

Assistant Professor Reads on English Language and Literature ... View Profile

Dr Sumanjari S

Assistant Professor English Language Teaching... View Profile

Dr Bhavani S

Assistant Professor Interested in creative writing, developing classro... View Profile

Dr Arya Parakkate Vijayaraghavan

Assistant Professor My interests centers around intersectionality and... View Profile

Mr Arun D M

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Ms Tanupriya .

Assistant Professor Dr. Tanupriya is currently working as an Assistant... View Profile

Ms Prabha Zacharias

Assistant Professor Translation, Print Modernity... View Profile

Prof Depak Saravanan N

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Ms Vinothini M

Assistant Professor English Language and Literature, Film Studies... View Profile

Dr Abhishek Chatterjee

Assistant Professor Travel Writing, Psychoanalysis, Film Theory, Liter... View Profile

Dr Rakhi Lalwani

Assistant Professor .... View Profile

Dr Ruchira Datta

Assistant Professor Focus is on food and women's studies... View Profile

Dr Samuel Praise

Assistant Professor Using Songs as Pedagogical Tools in Learning Engli... View Profile

Dr Sonia Ghalian

Assistant Professor Dr Sonia Ghalian teaches film studies at the Schoo... View Profile


Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Mr Vinod Michael

Assistant Professor English... View Profile

Dr Meghna Mudaliar

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Arya Aiyappan

Assistant Professor Cultural Studies, Film Studies... View Profile

Ms Renu Elizabeth Abraham

Assistant Professor Renu works in the field of Fandoms Studies in Indi... View Profile

Dr Shrija Srinivasan

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Anuja Singh

Assistant Professor Specialisation in Psycholinguistics... View Profile

Dr Chandan Kumar

Assistant Professor Have master, Mphil and PhD in linguistics from Jaw... View Profile

Dr Pompi Basumatary

Assistant Professor Translation Studies, Postcolonial and Colonial Lit... View Profile

Mr Jiby Jose E

Assistant Professor English Language and Literature... View Profile

Prof Gnana Sekar

Retired Professor Advanced level English Grammar ... View Profile