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Dr Tony Sam George

Professor Dr. Tony Sam George is Professor of Psychology and... View Profile

Dr Anuradha Sathiyaseelan

Professor Worked extensively on Mental Health issues includi... View Profile

Dr Jayasankara Reddy

Professor My primary interesting areas are Neuropsychology, ... View Profile

Prof Manjula M Y

Professor Psychology... View Profile

Dr Baiju Gopal

Associate Professor My primary research interest is in the area of cul... View Profile

Dr Padmakumari P

Associate Professor My primary research interest is in the field of po... View Profile

Dr Elizabeth Thomas

Associate Professor My research expertise lies in the area of counselo... View Profile

Dr Madhavi Rangaswamy

Associate Professor PhD from NIMHANS (2000)... View Profile

Dr Arathi Venkatesh

Associate Professor Have expertise in Stress Management and Organizat... View Profile

Mr Stephen S

Assistant Professor Stephen S, Assistant professor of Psychology at CH... View Profile

Ms Miriam Mohan

Assistant Professor Research interest are in the areas of Identity wit... View Profile

Dr Sreenath K

Assistant Professor My doctoral thesis focused on enhancing resilience... View Profile

Dr Aneesh Kumar

Assistant Professor Child and adolescent development, mental health an... View Profile

Dr Vijaya R

Assistant Professor Industrial/Organisational Psychology. Interest lie... View Profile

Dr Sudhesh N.T

Assistant Professor Dr. Sudhesh N.T. completed his MSc, MPhil and PhD ... View Profile

Dr Vijayalaya Srinivas Thiagarajan

Assistant Professor Entrepreneurial Studies, Indian Psychology, Organi... View Profile

Mr Harishankar Moosath

Assistant Professor Harishankar Moosath is an Assistant Professor of P... View Profile

Dr Santhosh Kareepadath Rajan

Assistant Professor Santhosh Kareepadath Rajan is Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Mr Yuvaraj S

Assistant Professor Research interest in the area of Positive Psycholo... View Profile

Dr Shinto Thomas

Assistant Professor Youth development, Positive youth engagement, Posi... View Profile

Dr Sunitha Mathai

Assistant Professor Psychology... View Profile

Dr Smitha A G

Assistant Professor Passionate about teaching and engaging with adoles... View Profile

Dr Cathlyn Niranjana Bennett

Assistant Professor Neuropsychology... View Profile

Ms Sonia Prasadam

Assistant Professor Counseling Psychology, Research and Basic Psycholo... View Profile

Dr Angela Joseph

Assistant Professor Psychology... View Profile

Dr Ananya Sinha

Assistant Professor Ethical practice in psychotherapy and counselling... View Profile

Dr Aditi Arur

Assistant Professor Cultural politics of education, Gender and Educati... View Profile

Dr Neeraj Panwar

Assistant Professor Organizational/Industrial Psychology, Social and H... View Profile

Dr Meera Neelakantan

Assistant Professor Phd Holder in applied psychology. (specialised in ... View Profile